MDSi: Integrating Mobility into Business Communications

Phil Dempsey, COO
Charles Darwin, once said, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” This ideology on adaptability is perfectly reflected in the cutting-edge solutions and services furnished by MDSi. The company offers best-in-class solutions that operate in relevance with the current needs of telecommunication, cable and data center environments. The firm’s innovation-oriented approach has empowered clients businesses to achieve reduced costs, enhanced visibility and increased optimization.

“Today’s businesses are looking towards incorporating their voice and video technologies with Unified Communication’s (UC) platform in order to achieve seamless communication across wide range of integrated components,” delineates Phil Dempsey, COO of MDSi. “Capitalizing our partnership with Avaya, the company offers proficient solutions that enable enterprises to leverage the collaborative abilities of UC,” adds Dempsey. With this goal, MDSi provides Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile Applications that let enterprises conduct meetings in a simplified way. Enabling anyone—inside or outside the organization—to connect with the virtual meeting room, the application provides an opportunity for professionals to meet, share content, discuss and formulate the decisions. “The capability of Scopia to offer enterprise-grade HD video conferencing service at various desktop levels such as laptop, ipad, or iPhone makes it unique. Such commendable highlights of the application results in increased staff productivity and reduced travel costs,” expresses Dempsey.

Besides Scopia, the company leverages its expertise in offering a hybrid platform, called IP Office that is equipped with the potential to facilitate enhanced collaboration among the highly distributed workforce of any organization. Analytically modeled to support thousands of users at a time, this full-fledged platform enhances productivity through encouraging cooperation among employees, partners and customers. Such collaboration paves way for better and faster business decisions. “Our IP Office platform acts as a flexible integrator for meeting the enterprise infrastructure goals by promoting a unique engaging experience in voice and video communication. Its viable trait to offer networking security acts as an additional advantage for organizations,” explains Dempsey.
Moreover, the platform boosts the efficiency of contact center agents by adding robust, affordable, multichannel functionality for voice, email, and web chat for the contact centers.

Over the past two decades, MDSi’s principle has remained the same—to help businesses perform better by offering valuable solutions and services. In this light, there are many instances where MDSi had a chief role in assisting their clients. For example, a large medical facility, practice in 10 different global locations, reached out to MDSi in an effort to improve the efficiency of their appointment desk. This lack of efficiency between numerous appointment calls was impeding further growth. By capitalizing on the MDSi hosted IP office platform with contact center capabilities the client was able to streamline the operations involved in appointment and report creation. “Our company’s proficient deployment of the IP Office platform at client’s datacenter had allowed them to manage an additional 25 appointments per week. This led them in gaining extra revenue of $30,000 in a month,” extols Dempsey.

The exceptional capability of Scopia to offer enterprise-grade HD video conferencing service at various desktop levels such as laptop, ipad and iPhone makes it unique

This is one among the many success stories for MDSi in enabling optimization of business communications. Today, the firm is poised to play a cardinal role in taking the telecommunication services to new levels. In addition, the company continues to focus on providing enterprise-class networking solutions for the contact and call centre space. “Our rich expertise in asset management increases our opportunities, to act as a perfect partner for fostering Avaya’s cutting-edge solutions. The continued mission is aimed towards enabling sustainable advantage to varied enterprises by adding more intelligence to their business networks,” concludes Dempsey.


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Phil Dempsey, COO

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