Cyara: Innovating Customer Experience to Achieve Better Outcomes

Alok Kulkarni, CEO
Keeping up with the rapid pace of innovation and consumer expectations, Cyara, an Australian-based company, provides the market leading testing, discovery and monitoring customer experience software. The Cyara Platform enables businesses to innovate more rapidly and reduces the risk of defects that can affect their clients. The Platform, which is used by some of the largest, most recognizable contact centers in the world, is comprehensive and omni-channel. “We provide mapping, testing and monitoring that enables customers to proactively take control of their customer experience and reduce the risks and challenges of innovation,” says Alok Kulkarni, CEO, Cyara. “Most organizations strive for success with customer experience, and Cyara is committed to helping organizations in collaboration with Avaya, by offering highly reliable, scalable communications-centric solutions that can improve customer service and help companies compete more effectively,” he added.

Kulkarni explains that in large organizations, providing a multitude of solutions is accompanied by complexities and risks in terms of deploying technologies. These organizations are challenged in an environment where customers expect solutions to evolve as soon as the technologies are introduced in the market. “Enterprises have to deal with both the millennial generation that is used to dealing with smart phones and the older generation that is used to dealing with older communications systems,” explains Kulkarni.

This is where Avaya comes in. Avaya provides an omni-channel, contextual customer experience to its clients, but the ability of the organization to communicate from any channel either by phone or by web or online and serve through self-servicing engagement portals or an agent is difficult. Cyara helps the end users by making sure that they are able to use the technology agnostic Cyara Platform to build their communications strategies without any disruption and take control of customer experience. Using The Platform, customers innovate 40 to 70 percent faster than their peers to keep pace with the needs of their businesses and customers and maintain a separation from their competitors.

The Cyara Platform provides an easy, automated way to completely test the customer experience across the primary channels of client interaction; phone, web, email, mobile, chat and SMS. The Platform is designed both to monitor the health of the production environment real-time and to accommodate application testing needs for innovation or migrations, enabling a 40 percent decrease on average of development time and resources and meeting the needs of the most agile business.
Available in the Cloud, on premises or by hybrid Cloud. The Platform can also place interactions into a test environment to simulate customer and agent behavior and execute literally thousands of test scripts. Cyara recently released the Cyara IVR Crawler, which automatically reverse engineers existing IVRs to generate documentation and Cyara test cases. Crawler automates much of the labor-intensive effort of IVR innovation or migrations.

A large retail energy leader in the U.S. had a monumental challenge of consolidating two different customer experience environments and ensuring that the transformation was on time and on budget. After a successful pilot, the client adopted Cyara’s solutions. They created a subset of scripts and augmented call volume using the Cyara Cloud to test their system at design load. Using the Cyara Platform, the customer completed Quality Assurance testing of the consolidated environment in just three weeks with no increase in the number of testers.

A large telecommunications leader in Australia used Cyara in a project to completely rebuild their contact center from the ground up. Cyara cut the estimated testing time for this rebuild in half. Now the company rolls new contact center builds into production twice a week and, using Cyara, they have cut regression testing from two days to 90 minutes. They have also cut approximately 2.6 million calls per year from their call volume by reducing their internal transfer rate from 21 percent to 12 percent, increasing customer satisfaction and their NPS score.

The Cyara Platform enables companies to expand their customer experience testing to innovate 40 to 70 percent faster than their peers to meet the needs of the most agile business

In the days to come, Cyara intends to help its customers continue their journey toward success and growth regardless of the communication channels the clients use. “We want to provide an end-to-end platform for our clients and link these communications channels together for seamless, contextual conversations and better customer experiences,” concludes Kulkarni.


Hawthorn, Australia

Alok Kulkarni, CEO

Provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use customer experience testing software for contact centers and online channels