Allstream: Simplifying Communications with Efficient Platforms

Mike Strople, President
The pace of business growth today is significantly influenced by how companies adopt new technologies—especially in the arena of advanced communication and networking. However the paucity of efficient network solution platforms can be a roadblock for these enterprises’ business productivity. Allstream, a Toronto, Ontario-based firm helps address these gaps in IT resources with its cost-effective managed Internet Protocol (IP) services. Allstream is one of the leading companies in offering multiprotocol label switching or MPLS (IP-VPN) and SIP Trunking services. “By utilizing SIP Trunking, organizations can benefit from flexibility, reliability, and save on costs that traditional telephony does not offer. Allstreams’ IP network is ready to handle the needs of customers with the most demanding network requirements," says Michael Strople, President Allstream. “Our SIP Trunking lets you run all your data and voice traffic—long-distance, local and inter-office—on a single IP backbone,” adds Strople.

In order to offer solutions that exploit the benefits of SIP Trunking with the use of voice over IP (VoIP), Allstream has leveraged its close partnership with Avaya to enhance Enterprise SIP Communications. Allstream has collaborated with Avaya to develop its product ‘Avaya Aura’ that helps enterprises to work in a SIP and VOIP framework. The solution adds to various benefits like adoption of new, more powerful unified communication applications and optimal utilization of bandwidth by delivering both voice and data through the same connection. “Our close partnership with Avaya recognizes All¬streams’ ability to deliver superior service and support,” Strople explains further. Allstream also offers a full suite of secure and reliable data services— including High Speed DSL cable, and Fibre Internet, Ethernet, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), and networking solutions in the areas like IP Connectivity, Unified Communications, Managed IP Services, and Voice Services.

Allstreams’ IP network is ready to handle the needs of customers with the most demanding network requirements

Many companies across a variety of industries have benefitted from adopting Allstream solutions into their environment. Vicwest Inc., one of North America’s leading manufacturers and distributors of building construction, agricultural, and liquid storage products wanted to upgrade its outdated phone system in an effort to improve customer service. Vicwest reached out to Allstream and decided to move ahead with Allstream’s SIP Trunking solution to improve inter-office connectivity and productivity. “Vicwest has been able to eliminate numerous analog phone lines and several PRI services, and realize significant associated cost savings,” says Mick Montgomery, Infrastructure Manager, Vicwest Inc.

Recently the Government of Canada, through the work of Shared Services Canada (SSC), has selected the Allstream as one of two suppliers for “GCNet WAN Services.” SSC’s GCNet WAN will provide IP data communications services to 43 federal government departments and agencies including the National Defence, Canada Revenue Agency and Environment Canada. “The project is established to consolidate, modernize, and streamline the government’s existing 50 wide area networks into a single network service for data and Internet acces,” adds Strople. As a follow up to their recent success, Allstream is now planning to increase its global footprint along with its close partnership with Avaya.


Ontario, Canada

Mike Strople, President

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