Bridge The Gap Between Field Workers And Head Office
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Bridge The Gap Between Field Workers And Head Office

Chris Dermody, CIO, Denver Water
Chris Dermody, CIO, Denver Water

Chris Dermody, CIO, Denver Water

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs and expectations

The explosion of information technology platforms and applications over the past several years has provided unprecedented options and new capabilities for enterprises; while at the same time, introducing significant data integration and business process orchestration challenges. Like many enterprises, utilities are looking to technology providers to step up their game in the area of robust, service oriented integration. Technology providers that engineer their applications in ways that expose their key functions and business logic via web services provide enterprises with better data integration and business processes orchestration opportunities among their growing multi-vendor enterprise application portfolios. In fact, an application's ability to seamlessly participate in an enterprises' IT Service Architecture is often considered equally as important as the application's cool new features and capabilities.

This challenge is very real and costly for enterprises. These costs come in the form of expensive, inefficient, ineffective or nonexistent integration solutions. The more technology vendors can enable enterprise's with our integration and business process needs, the greater the opportunities for mutual success.

Using technology to bring in efficiency

The greatest breakthrough to drive increased efficiencies, reduced costs and improved asset information over the past decade has been the advent of mobile workforce management technologies. Denver Water’s proprietary Mobile Platform has automated work management for field crews across many different functions, including; customer service field activities, emergency services, asset locates, as well as distribution system construction and maintenance work. The cost-benefit analysis for mobile workforce automation is so compelling. Denver Water intends to continue investing in additional mobile applications over the next several years. The beauty of our Mobile Platform is that it integrates communication, information and process flow between field workers and head-office workers/managers. Not only is the work performed at a high level of efficiency and less cost, it's done with higher quality and higher levels of accountability, all of which drive better customer service.

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